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Alice Paints Weddings

Live Wedding Painter

Capture Your

Biggest Day

What is Live Painting?

I will come to your ​wedding, and create a ​painting of you and your ​partner live during the ​event. Guests can come ​by and watch as I paint, ​and at the end you have ​a beautiful, unique ​memory of your wedding ​day.

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Green Leaves Watercolor

Why Hire A

Wedding Painter?

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Guests will certainly ​remember a painting being ​made live at the event! This ​creates a unique and ​interactive environment for ​your guests during cocktail ​hour and reception.


Not only will you receive a ​physical painting of your ​special day, your painting ​was created live on site, ​during the moments you ​treasure. Paintings evoke ​memories in a special and ​incomparable way.

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Who Am I?

My name is Alice, and I'm a painter based in Colorado ​Springs, Colorado. I've been painting my whole life, and ​hold a BFA in Painting from Colorado State University.

I absolutely adore bringing wedding photos to life as a ​painting, and truly capturing the memory of such a ​beautiful day.

When I'm not painting, you can find me gardening, ​hanging out with my 2 kitties, and spending time with my ​husband.

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What Does The

Process L

ook ike?


We will have a phone consultation to discuss your specific requests for your painting.

I will arrive at your event an hour or so early in order to set up, and will begin painting the background of the work during the ceremony.

Primary work on the background and figures will be done during the cocktail hour through the reception.

Final details may be added in my studio after the wedding, as well as varnishing. Final pieces are mailed to the couple, or hand delivered within a location range.

Previous Works

Charisse & Enrico

live painting

Sara & Kyle

live painting

Christyl & David

live painting

Kat & Jamie

portrait commission

Ashley & Grant

portrait commission

Mavis & Derek

portrait commission (from black and white)

Cole & Alexis

portrait commission

Live Guest Portraits

More Than A Favor

Looking for a unique wedding favor? ​Look no further. I also paint your ​guests! I offer two styles, a simple ​style and a more complex style. ​Watercolor portraits are completed ​in a first come first serve basis and I ​will complete as many as possible. ​Additional portraits can be ​purchased to be completed after the ​event.

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Moss and Mushroom Events Fairy Tea Party

Guest Painting

Easel with blank canvas

Interactive Guestbook

Creative Memories

Sick of the same guestbooks? Have ​your guests create a painting! I will ​come with all supplies needed, paint ​in the your wedding colors, and host ​an interactive guestbook experience, ​where guests are encouraged to ​make their mark on the canvas!

Watercolor aesthetic green leaves.

Planning your events?

Host a Painting Party!

I have hosted painting parties for ​years, and would love to bring my ​expertise to your shower or ​bachelorette! All supplies for the ​event are provided by me, as well as ​instruction. Each class is 2 hours long. ​Classes can be taught in acrylic or ​watercolor, and subject matter is ​chosen together to reflect your ​personality and aesthetic.

Green Leaves Watercolor

Already Married?

Let Me Paint Your

Wedding Photos

I love working with already married ​couples to turn their gorgeous ​wedding photos into a vibrant, ​beautiful painting. These are ​absolutely stunning for an anniversary ​present. Please email for more ​information on pricing and details.

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Up to 6 hours of live painting + final canvas


Live Wedding Painting

Per hour of guest painting


Live Guest Portraits

Professionally hosted 2hr paint party, all supplies included


Bridal Paint Parties

Interactive painted guestbook, supplies provided


Interactive Guestbook

Cocktail menus with watercolor illustrations


Cocktail Menus

Watercolor Green Leaf. Peony Leaf. Watercolor Greenery
Watercolor Eucalyptus Leaves